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9 April
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accidents, andrea, animals, audrey hepburn, australlian accents, band-aids, beads, black and white pictures, blankets, boys who play bangos, breakfast at tiffany's, british accents, brown, caesar salad, camping, canada's wonderland, candy canes, cartoons, cats, cheese, childhood tv shows, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, chris farley, comedies, cousins, cowboy boots, crayons, deandra, dimples, dreams, drive-in movie theatres, drop dead fred, exploring, fairytales, family, ferris bueler's day off, flip flops, following along with lyrics, food, forests, french, fruit punch, giggles, gilmore girls, god, haircuts, hangman, helena, holes, hot tubs, ice cream, john mayer, judy garland, lasagna, laughing, letters, loving spoonfuls, matt theisen, michael jackson, monty python, mood rings, movies, muppets, nail polish, napoleon dynamite, neverland, old movies, oldies, orlando bloom, pajamas, paul, peanut butter, penguins, peter sellers, pets, pillows, pink panther, pirates, polaroids, polka dots, purses, queen, quiet, rain, ray bans, reading, relient k, rings, rolo ice cream, rugrats, rupert grint, sand, sepia pictures, sesame street, shia laboeuf, shopping, silver jewellery, simon & garfunkel, sledding, sleeping, smiles, snow, snowflakes, stars, stephanie, strawberries, summer, sunrise, sunsets, supertramp, surprise chocolate cake, swimming, thanksgiving, the beatles, the party, the science centre, the toronto zoo, thunderstorms, tiffany & co, tine, tommy boy, vadim dale, vw beetle, waterfalls, watermelon, wayne's world, wonderland, yesterday, young frankenstein